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What is Spring Like in The Villages Community® Florida?

If you have ever heard of The Villages Community®, Florida, you have probably heard they have gorgeous weather there pretty much all year long. While the weather is usually much milder than northern states, The Villages Community® still experiences fluctuations in temperatures in each season. Springtime is usually a much celebrated season in the Sunshine State because of the stunning sunny days and the warm Spring breeze. However, cooler days are still a very real possibility. 

There's an interesting quote about the weather in Florida: "there is no such thing as bad weather here, only different types of good weather". What is Spring like in Central Florida? Ocala, Florida. The Villages, FloridaIn The Villages Community® Florida, it's common in the Springtime months to have a full week of 80's and 90's, followed by a couple days of weather in the 50's and 60's. As Floridians, we know that we could wake up "freezing" with temps in the 40's and by noon, we're putting away the sweater for flip flops.

Depending on the West's El Nino situation, Florida's wind and stormy season (beginning in the Spring) could be affected, causing the regularity of afternoon storms, almost always followed by more sunshine in our fabulous "Sunshine State."

When it comes to how this season affects your Hide-Away Screen, the Florida Spring months mean it's time to start preparing your screens for summer. With the Spring and Summer months, bugs increase, humidity increases, and rain increases, causing a lot of Floridians to simply keep their windows and doors closed and the outside world of fresh air – outdoors.

However, if you're proud owner of a Hide-Away Screen from Michele's, Spring means the ushering in of the bug-free, rain-free fresh air your screen provides.

Spring cleaning your screen is super simple. Cleaning the mesh itself involves using a mild detergent (like dish soap) and a soft brush (nothing metallic). Then spray a grease-less silicone to the tracks for lubrication (avoid using lubricants that contain petroleum distillates or mineral spirits). And we recommend waiting for everything to dry before storing the screen back into its housing.

Once your simple "spring cleaning" is complete, grab a refreshing beverage of your choice, kick back and enjoy the beautiful fresh Spring breeze in The Villages Community®. For more information and a free quote, contact the team at Michele's Hide-Away Screens.


Why choose a retractable screen instead of a traditional screen door?

There are many options available on the market to bring you the utmost enjoyment from your home any time of year. Retratable screens are better than traditional screen doors. Ocala, Florida The Villages, Florida You may be wondering why a retractable screen would make any difference from a traditional screen door. 

So, what if there was an option that let you enjoy fresh, clean air, natural sunlight, energy efficiency, privacy, and ease of access all in one?

The benefits of retractable screens are many. More and more people are making the switch from old standby screens to the sleek, convenient, state-of-the-art solution a retractable screen provides.

The ease of access a retractable screen provides gives you the option to retract the screen on cold or wet days. They require minimal maintenance. They are a breeze to clean using a mild soap and water mixture and gently wiping them off.

Unlike traditional screens, retractable screens stay out of sight until you need them. They retract into their discreet housing component and provide an unobstructed view whenever you want it. When in use, the retractable screen may be customized to match your home’s existing color and decor, fitting right in and maintaining your home’s architectural integrity.

Retractable screens provide a barrier from outdoor elements like insects, critters, and other pests looking to take up residence in your home.

Retractable screens can be used on new or existing construction. They meet the latest standards in building codes and fit on any style building, home, or office.

Best of all, your retractable screens are installed by industry professionals. There is nothing for you to do but enjoy the newfound convenience, protection, privacy, and comfort your retractable screens provide.

To schedule an appointment to discuss your retractable screen needs and how a retractable screen solution will work for you, contact our office today for a FREE quote. 


Thanksgiving Message from Michele's Hide-Away Screens

Happy Thanksgiving from Michele’s Hide-Away Screens! One of the things we’re most thankful for is our amazing employees; and to express our gratitude for their dedication and hard work, we’ll be closed on Thursday and Friday November 26th and 27th so that they may enjoy the holiday with family and friends.

If you’d like a quote, please click here and we’ll get back to you when we resume normal hours on Monday November 30th.

FOR EMERGENCIES: Should you have an “emergency” and require more immediate assistance (ie: a garage screen that’s stuck in the down / closed position), please call (or text a brief message to) 352-438-7611. If you get voicemail, be sure to provide your 10-digit call-back number as well as a brief description of your issue. We will do our best to respond as quickly as possible.


Retractable screens can help lower your energy bill.

We are looking for ways to save a buck or two off of our energy bill. Retractable screens lower energy bill in Florida. Ocala Florida In Florida, summertime is hot and humid, causing most of us to rely on our A/C system 24/7. The result is an enormous power bill that can hurt pour wallets in a bad way. There are ways to cut down on energy uses with a retractable screen.

One of the many benefits you’ll enjoy with your retractable screen is the energy savings. When in use, your retractable screen can help you to reduce your electricity bill and energy use by allowing you to bring in more fresh air from the outside on lovely days, allowing you to rely less on your HVAC system for comfort. 

When not in use, your retractable screen disappears into its housing, offering an unobstructed view of the outdoors. You’re in control with a retractable screen. You decide when you want it, merely sliding it where you want it to go and leaving it hidden from view when you choose. 

If it is still sweltering outside, you don’t need to turn your air off turn it up a few degrees while you sit outside in your screened in garage or patio and enjoy the breeze in the late afternoon. Turning the temperature up while you are not in the house is a perfect way to save money on your electric bill. 

There are some added health benefits as you won’t have the stale, stuffy air you would typically have within a house, but instead, the fresh air of the outdoors and air circulation when there is a breeze. And if you can have screens on opposite ends of your home, you will get some excellent cross ventilation through your home.

Your retractable screens stay cleaner because they don't hold on to dust, pollen or dirt while retracted. Their self-storage feature also eliminates the pesky task of removing your screens in the winter and pulling them back out for the spring.

Our retractable screen technicians are standing by, ready to help you bring in the breeze.Contact our office today for a free quote. 


What kind of weather can we expect for September in Central Florida?

Most people can't wait for the end of summer to come around because it means cooler temperatures after a blazing season! September weather in Central Florida. The Villages, FL. Ocala, FL
Well for those of us in Central Florida, that isn't always the case. Thankfully though, September is the end of summer and lets us know that soon enough we can anticipate a break from the heat, but for that month, it's going to be warm and wet!

September is peak time for hurricanes in Florida's hurricane season, in fact, Hurricane Dorian just barely missed us. Back in 2017, Hurricane Irma came through all of Florida in mid-September. Yes, that's right, ALL of Florida. The storm was so massive that it covered almost the entire state at one point. The warm temperatures create prime settings for hurricanes, and being surrounded by water doesn't help either. Thankfully this year the hurricane list hasn't been too threatening as of yet.

Besides hurricanes, it can be a generally rainy month but not quite as wet as the rest of the summer months. It's projected that this September, Central Florida will see roughly 20 days of rain throughout the month. This added with the average temperature of 89.5°F makes it another humid month before fall creeps up the following month. There are small breaks in the high temp of almost 90°F when the lowest average temperature of September reaches 72.7°F. A welcome reminder of the next few months to come.

All in all, the weather in Central Florida during September can be humid, hot, and rainy. It's the tail end of summer, and although Florida doesn't get a real fall season, the end of September lets Floridians be hopeful that colder and shorter days are on the way!

Now is the perfect time to get ready to bring in the breeze! Get a free quote from Michele's Hide-Away Screens.