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Big Box vs. Michele's - The Difference is Clear!

When it comes to choosing the perfect screens for your home, the options are vast and customization is practically limitless. From a single retractable door screen to electric roll-up screens for the garage and lanai, Michele’s has got you covered.

But what about all of those options available at big box stores tempting you to purchase the product and materials and take on the project of installation yourself?

Well, here’s the difference:

Sure, you could pick up a cheap and cheesy mass produced product from a big box store, attempt to measure it out perfectly, using exactly the right tools and materials, waste a ton of time and cause yourself a lot of stress trying to figure out how to get the perfect results and end up with a product that will need to be replaced in much less time than the product label will claim.


You can save yourself the wasted time, aggravation, lack of quality and disappointment by choosing a company that knows the ins and outs of every type of screen imaginable and gets the job done professionally and correctly the first time using only top quality materials and expert service.

Our screens are customized to fit your exact tracking, your exact taste in style, color and functionality and are professionally installed and covered by warranties. Unlike the products sold in big box stores, our screens are made from heavy duty, rust resistant materials and are designed to prevent insects from getting through, ease of use and longevity.

For customized retractable, hideaway screens that you can count on, trust the professionals at Michele’s Hide-Away Screens to get it right every time.