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5 Reasons a Retractable Screen is Better than a Conventional Screen Door.

retractable screen We are always ranting and raving about how awesome our retractable screens are. But hey, what makes them so much better than a regular screen door? In case you are wondering, here are 5 reasons why Michele's Hide-Away Screens are way better than your old screen door.

  1. More Functional Space - Our screens completely disappear when not needed. They stay out of sight and out of the way when you don't need them.
  2. Privacy And Security - A garage door screen deters unwanted entry; and when equipped with white SuperScreen, provides daytime privacy while still bringing in plenty of natural light and fresh air.
  3. Pest Free Zone - A garage door screen lets you ~ and not those pesky bugs and critters ~ enjoy your valuable newfound space.
  4. Fresh Air In, Hot Stuffy Air Out - When the cool fresh outdoor air flows in, it helps push out the hot humid air that's generated by hot vehicle engines, HVAC equipment and water heaters normally housed in the garage
  5. Custom Made For Any Style or Budget - Michele's Hide-Away Screens offers a variety of custom-built garage door screen systems, with many frame and fabric choices available to suit your lifestyle, decor and budget.

If you think you would like a garage door screen contact the folks at Michele's Hide-Away Screens today!