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Michele's Hide-Away Screens VehiclesOnce upon a time, a young businessman was desperately searching for a way to save his fledgling independent sales agency. He had an interesting new product that he believed had huge potential. But for some reason it just wasn’t catching on in the marketplace. 

So in an attempt to generate much-needed sales, the businessman came up with an idea. As time would tell, this idea would unfortunately not be enough to save his agency; but ironically it led to something beyond even his wild imagination. 

Knowing it was probably a long shot, he suggested to his wife that she might be able to help rescue the business by approaching their friends and neighbors about this ‘disappearing’ screen door that his agency had recently been commissioned to launch into Florida. 

“But I have zero sales experience and barely even know how to work a tape measure! And you want me to sell?” was her initial response. 

micheles hideaway screen staffBeing the team player that she is, Michele learned all that she could about the product and it wasn’t long before she realized how enthusiastically receptive people were about her retractable screen door. So in November 1999, Keith & Michele Bergmaier established Michele’s Hide~Away Screens. 

Based in Ocala Florida, Michele, Keith and their dedicated employees have now served thousands of satisfied homeowners and continue working tirelessly to build on the company’s spotless reputation for outstanding quality, uncompromising workmanship and highly dependable service. The company is also recognized as a pioneer among industry peers. 

“Every day we challenge the ourselves to be better than our competitors and we refuse to compromise on quality or customer service." 

“We’re very sensitive to the fact that there are other choices out there besides Michele’s Hide~Away Screens. Every day we challenge ourselves to be better than our competitors and over the years, we’ve seen many of them come and many go. We truly believe that our success is owed to an unwavering commitment to high quality, uncompromised workmanship, great customer service, honesty and integrity.  We know that if we stay the course on these core values, success will always follow.”

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