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Time to Spring Clean your Retractable Screen!

Spring has sprung! And, if you’re the proud owner of a Michele’s Hide-Away retractable screen, undoubtedly, you want to enjoy a full long life with it. Well, we’re here to help. Most likely, one of the biggest reasons you purchased your screens was convenience. When it comes to the care of your retractable screen, it’s no different. Convenience and quality are what Michele’s Hide-Away screens are all about. Here’s how best to care for yours this spring:

  • Protect it - One of the best things about a hide-away screen is the ability to store out of sight when not in use. You can keep your screen protected for longer, by always remembering to keep it stored in its protective housing when not in use.
  • Keep it Clean - Always remember to immediately remove any heavy debris on or around your screen. A mixture of â…“ cup mild liquid detergent (like Dawn), to 1 gallon of water can be used to routinely keep the screen’s mesh clean. If you notice any signs of mildew, add â…“ cup of household bleach to your cleaning solution.
  • Lubrication - Keep your screen operating smoothly by using a non-petroleum silicon spray to lubricate the tracks. Avoid using WD-40 as the chemicals are too harsh for the screen. We recommend lubricating your manual retractable screen every four months (quarterly) and your motorized roll up screen every month. We caution you to avoid lubricating the nylon rollers on top hanging 4-track slider systems.
  • Wind Pressure (Manual Retractable) - Manual retractable screens are designed to “break away” if wind pressure exceeds the factory set spring tension of the screen. When this happens, it’s not uncommon for the mesh to become separated from the tracks. A good way to combat this issue is to partially close off other door and windows within your home to equalize ventilation.
  • Wind Pressure (Motorized Rollup) - Your motorized rollup system comes equipped with zippers and closed track runners to prevent wind sail. If wind pressure becomes excessive, however, the functionality of these screens can become limited. We recommend that you avoid using your motorized rollup screen in severe wind conditions. If the use of your screen becomes necessary in these conditions, be prepared to manually assist the motor and screen by pulling the weight bar during operation.

Always adhere to all operation guidelines for the use and care of your Michele’s Hideaway Screen. We want you to enjoy every minute of a full life with your system!