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Preparing Your Home Screens for a Florida Hurricane Season.

Spring has officially ended and Summer is taking over our lives for the next few months. Preparing Your Home Screens for a Florida Hurricane Season. With Summer comes some pretty intense storms, and yes, even hurricanes! And with it comes hurricane season. Meteorologists are already predicting a slightly above average amount of tropical storms and hurricanes that can come our way in the coming months.

The 2019 hurricane season officially starts on June first and last until the last day in November. However, experts are paying close attention to April and May and monitoring the weather patterns in the Southeast, Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. With warmer temperatures than usual in those areas this year, there is potential for some early storms.

The hurricane seasons are based on if we are experiencing an El Niño, La Niña, or if we are in a neutral phase. This year we are currently going through an El Niño, and it stays the same or strengthens we should have adverse or below average number of storms. If it weakens or becomes neutral the number of tropical storms and hurricanes could be higher than normal

In either scenario we should be prepared should a major storm come our way. Making sure your retractable screens are ready is one way to be prepared. The easiest way to make sure your screens are not damaged during a storm is to make sure they are retracted into their casing or as retracted as possible before the storm hits.

Click here to read more on how to prepare for hurricane season.


Can we live in peace with love bugs?

Twice a year in Florida we get to experience the "lovely" love bug season. How to get rid of love bugs. Love bug season.Generally, you have seen them flying around in a pair of two locked together. These creatures stay around us for usually four weeks in both May and September and are heavily plastered on the front of everyone's car. Let's face it, there is nothing groovy about love bug season! 

While these bugs are harmless when it comes to biting or stinging they can be quite a nuisance. Here are some things to remember about these little bugs as they begin their invasion:

Where do they come from? UF says the bugs migrated here all on their own from Central America, via Texas and Louisiana before making their way to the Sunshine State.

What attracts them? To begin with, love bugs love heat, freshly painted surfaces and surfaces that are light-colored.

 How do you combat them? UF says that chemical pesticides do little to deter these little bugs. You might try tiki torches, citronella candles or mosquito repellent but the only sure fire way of avoiding them is by being inside and away from them.

A retractable screen from Michele's Hide-Away Screens on your garage door and lanai allow you to enjoy the outside air without the "not so easy to love" bugs getting in your hair, your face and always landing on your skin.


Florida Springtime Garage Cleaning Tips.

Spring cleaning time is upon us, and for Florida, it's better to start cleaning early before it gets too hot to want to do anything! Florida garage spring cleaning. In the case of a Florida spring cleaning, it's best to start from the outside in. Get all that out of the way before the sun gets too bold during the afternoon and keeps you from venturing outside too often. If you have a garage, then this would be your perfect starting point! Over the years, a garage came become a sort of catch-all for various odds and ends in your home. Here we will dive into some of the best tips for spring cleaning a cluttered garage before those hot spring days Florida has come rolling in!

The first step is getting everything that's in the garage; OUT of the garage. This leaves you with the big space to thoroughly clean, scrubbing spots that haven't been touched in ages and some you forgot were there. Dust is sure to be an issue in these types of hidden spots, so it's best to come at those problem areas with a damp microfiber cloth/towel. This will get up all those dust bunnies in single swipe rather than brushing them all over and spreading them around with a broom. After the walls comes the floor of the garage. Vacuum in those little nooks and corners and get out any hiding dirty dust balls. Depending on the type of flooring in the garage (most commonly concrete), various cleaning methods can be used. With the more common concrete flooring, a sturdy bristle broom and a cleaning detergent are best.

Once the inside of the garage is looking brand new, it's time to tackle everything you just took out of it. This is also the perfect chance to make a couple of extra bucks on some stuff you just had sitting in your garage for x amount of time. Going through all the items you've had stored away could lead to a chance for a potential yard sale or even reselling some things online. Besides making money off old items, it gives you the opportunity to organize all your stowed indeed away belongings. This could lead to uncovering something you forgot you had, something you've been looking for for ages, or maybe just throwing junk away that no one needs or wants anymore!

To keep the organization in your garage after the cleanup, it's smart to get ahold of a few helpful items to store away the things you want to keep. Plastic totes are one of the best options because they can save a ton of things, don't take up too much room, and they're stackable! Various shelving units are perfect as well; that way things can be kept in reach when needed but not in the way. Once you have this marked off on your spring cleaning checklist, you can do so much more with a room that was once just for junk and the occasional parked car. Bring life back into your garage this spring!

One way to make your garage an enjoyable space this Spring is by adding a retractable screen from Michele's Hide_Away Screens. Click here for a free quote. 


Pets and retractable screens.

Whether your fur baby is a dog, a cat, or you have both, when it comes to your retractable screen, you're sure to have questions about whether the screens are designed to fit your life. Pets and retractable screen doors.  Like human babies, our fur babies all have different personalities and curiosities, so the answer to the question of whether the screens will work with yours is - yes, with a little adjustment and a few tricks.

Cats (and some dogs) are naturally curious, and if your cat or dog is strictly an indoor animal with a desire to escape and explore the neighborhood, they will capitalize on any opportunity to maneuver their way outside. And when it comes to retractable screens, how animals will react to them and perhaps figure out a way to get through them is a concern!

When it comes to retractable screens from Michele's Hide-Away Screens and your pets, let us put your mind at ease. First, while our retractable screens are "free floating" in the bottom to facilitate the retractability, it would be difficult for most animals to get out (or in) through the bottom openings of our screens as the opening is just too small. If this is still a concern, we recommend installing something like a baby gate to insert in the door frame in front of the screen to prevent any access to the screen whatsoever.

Would my pet be able to damage the screen to the point where they could go through it? Unlikely. Michele's Hide-Away Screens utilizes SuperScreen for our retractable screen products. SuperScreen is SUPER TOUGH…3 times stronger than standard screen material that you think of on screen doors and bird cages. This extra tough material will stand up to the riggers of every day use and the curious pet who may be paying extra attention to your screen. However, in most instances we have seen, pets after a while ignore the screen and see it as nothing more than a door they cannot get by. The may spend time by it, soaking up the sun or feeling the breeze, but rarely would they attempt to get through it.

What about actually opening the screens? Our retractable screens come with magnets to keep the screen securely closed, however, if desired, optional latches are available that can secure the doors tighter.

Michele's Hideaway Screens have screen solutions for your existing lifestyle, and they provide optimum enjoyment that will enhance the lives of you and your whole family - furry and human. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.


How retractable screens are better than traditional screen doors.

Growing up many houses had a screen door to let in fresh air and keep the bugs out. How retractable screens are better than traditional screen doors. These doors were a huge blessing on hot nights and could help keep the entire house cool. Just like with everything technology improves on an already great idea and makes it better. So now we have a new and improve screen door in the form of a retractable screen.

Retractable screen doors have so many more advantages than traditional screen doors. Once you own one, you will never go back.

Retractable screens make your front door look better.
When people see your home, your front door is the first thing they notice. Why hide your beautiful front door with an ugly screen door? Retractable screens disappear when not in use and pull out when you need them, so they are never coving your front door if you don't want them to.

Just one door to open. It can get very troublesome to try to get in the front door carrying groceries, kids or anything else. Traditional screen doors make it harder because you have to hold it open while going through. Retractable screens disappear when you don't need them so they will never get in your way!

You can see out, but they can't see in. When using a retractable screen, you can see outside, but your neighbors can't see in. So you can enjoy privacy and fresh air. There is also no big metal plate on the bottom, so nothing gets in the way of bringing in the breeze.

Truly free flowing breeze. There is no grill work, kick plate, or panels preventing airflow, a retractable screen lets in more fresh air. Why let big pieces of metal get in the way of enjoying the cool breeze?

It last longer. Retractable screens are made of fabric that rolls up and stays protected in its housing off to the side of your door when not in use, which means it lasts much longer. Traditional screen doors are left out in the elements 24/7 with no protection from the sun, wind, rain, and critters. The result is that retractable screens have a much longer life!

You can watch these incredible retractable screens in action at our showroom in Ocala. Contact Michele's Hide-Away Screens for more information.

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