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Simple maintenance for your hide-away screens.

By: Nicole Stevens

There's nothing better than enjoying a nice breeze throughout your home on a warm summer day. Simple maintenance for your hide-away screens. In Florida, the breeze can be euphoric, but it can also bring along unwanted guests indoors if you don't have the proper screening installed. Hide-away screens are the best solution to keep the uninvited out, and the cool, fresh air coming through. These screens can last a very long time, depending on simple at home maintenance that prolongs the life of your hide-away screen. Here you will find a few helpful tips for adding a few years onto the life of the screens in your home!

  • ·When the screen is not in use, such as in the winter months, it is best to store your screens in their protective housing. This keeps the screens safe from the elements, including microscopic ones like dust and various airborne debris.
  • If unit is motorized, keep a close eye on the movement of your screen. Making sure nothing is blocking the path of the track and that it is properly lubed. Only lube the unit with a non-petroleum silicone. WD-40 IS NOT EVER RECOMMENDED.
  • Pay attention to weight bar in particular in these motorized units; if the weight bar fails to continuously drop while motor is running, stop motor right away. Return to the weight bar and physically pull it down to remove any excess slack in the screen itself.
  • Clean your screen! Just like with the motorized versions, you must pay attention to the tracks in the unit and be sure they are clear of any dirt and debris. This could cause an expensive problem down the line if not maintained frequently. The cleaning solution for the mesh of the screen should be a mixture of 1/3 cup mild liquid detergent (such as dish soap, i.e., Dawn) and 1 gallon of water. If mildew ora mold is present, add 1/3 cup of bleach to the mixture.
  • Pay attention to the weather. Such as with storing the screens when not in use for long periods of time, it's the same idea with extreme weather. In Florida, warnings of extreme weather such as hurricanes can come a couple of days in advance. This gives plenty of time to store away your screens as to not attain any damage when the storm hits.

If worse comes to worse and your screens can't be saved, there are typically manufacturers warranties on most parts, though this does not cover the costs of labor. It's much better to be safe than sorry and protect your investment to enjoy your cozy summer evenings with all the windows open, and no worry about a sudden swarm of mosquitos invading your living room.

The find the perfect screen for your home, come visit our beautiful new showroom in Ocala. Contact Michele's Hide-away Screens for more information. 


Our Stunning New Showroom Is Open!

At last, after much planning and building, Michele’s Hide-Away Screens has a brand new showroom location! We know that it is hard to decide on the perfect screen for your home sight unseen. That’s why we have opened a brand new convenient location on 30 Almond Drive Run in Ocala just 25 minutes north of The Villages® community; so you can see these beauties in action and create a custom screen for your home.

Here at our showroom, you will find retractable screens to fit your ideal needs. Whether you are looking for a garage screen, lanai screen, or a retractable screen for your front door, we've got it. There are huge advantages in our hide-away screen systems vs. the standard run of the mill screen doors. Each of our screens conveniently and effortlessly retract out of the way until you need them.

We offer three choices in garage screen systems that can be customized to create the perfect look for your home while making it easy to create a welcoming outdoor space anytime you desire. The electronic roll-up screen is our most popular garage screen; it rolls up and down with just a push of a button. The Lifestyle Screen is a great choice for its innovative "door within a door" option, making entry and exiting your garage a breeze. For a more economical and traditional screen, the four-track sliders utilize the rollers on the top instead of the bottom, that glide with ease so you will never have to worry about gritty dirt back rollers. All of our garage screens can be fitted to golf cart garages as well for a sharp look and extra air circulation. Also, make sure to ask about our extra large commercial garage screens.

It's time to get rid of that old clunky front door screen that is constantly in the way and go for a new sleek state of the art manual retractable screen from Mirage Screen. The Mirage Screen fully retracts out of the way until you need it, which means you never have to sacrifice the look of your home when you want to enjoy a fresh breeze. Each screen is child and pet-friendly and custom built just for your door. Its innovative hydraulic speed control makes it smooth and effortless to open and never slams shut. Give your screen a personalized touch and choose from many options, including a new easy to use handle and a multitude color swatches to choose from.

Michele's Hide-Away Screens' showroom is the place to discover the retractable screen you have been searching for. Create a screen as unique as you are with many frames, color swatches, and materials to choose from; including the white privacy screen and the indestructible SuperScreen™. As always all of our stunning retractable screens are proudly made in the USA and come with the industry's best warranty. Our team is standing by with friendly reliable service to help you find the retractable screen of your dreams. See you there!

micheles hideaway screens

micheles hideaway screens

micheles hideaway screens

micheles hideaway screens

micheles hideaway screens


Snowbirds! What are they?

snow birdsWikipedia's definition of a snowbird is a North American term for a person who moves from the higher latitudes and colder climates of the northern United States and Canada and migrates southward in winter to warmer locales such as Florida, California, Arizona, Texas, or elsewhere along the Sun Belt of the southern United States. 

The term “snowbird” is  the nickname for the Dark-eyed Junco bird. The “politically correct” term is “winter visitors” and is made up of mostly retirees who join us seasonally to enjoy our warmer climate. But, how about a deeper look at some of our favorite Florida winter friends and why we love them?

Making the annual trip isn’t as easy as just hopping in the car. Think packing for a weekend trip is hard? Try packing for three to six months! Deciding what to pack, store, and leave behind is a huge issue. A snowbird's checklist typically includes changing addresses with the postal service, hiring a home watch service for their primary home, registering their vehicle in the secondary state, making sure important tax, insurance, and other documents are in proper order and kept safe, and arranging for long-term medical care and prescriptions on top of dozens of other tasks! Whew!

Snowbirding is done for more important reasons than just getting a tan. Maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle is important at any age, but after a certain age, the risk of slipping on ice becomes extremely dangerous and even life-threatening! Freezing weather conditions in their native states limit healthy habits like bike riding, walking and golfing, so for snowbirds, avoiding winter altogether is a perfect way to keep up healthy habits, avoid injuries and soak up nature’s most potent source of Vitamin D!

Snowbirds often rent out their secondary homes when they return north. 

Snowbirds typically live in their primary (Summer) residence between  April and October, and some even list their winter homes for rent. This arrangement works perfectly for warm weather renters looking to jump on great property available the rest of the year!

Many snowbirds eventually become “sunbirds.” Let’s face it, it’s hard not to love Florida, and it’s understandable that a great number of snowbirds grow to love us enough to make our community their permanent home while making trips back to visit the north a few times a year! 


5 Ways a motorized roll-up screen makes life so much easier.

Motorized roll up screens makes life easier in so many ways. Homes that are built in areas where windows and doors remain open for large parts of the year need screens. Typical screens are considered part of the primary structure of a home. Motorized roll up screens works in the same way as typical screens in that they screen out bugs, insects, dirt, and debris. Without screens covering doors and windows, insects, flies and other pests have free access to enter the home. Mosquitoes and flies breed quickly and are a nuisance. Keeping out flies and mosquitoes was the first reason screens were added to the doors and windows of homes. Ways a motorized roll-up screen makes life so much easier

Motorized roll up screens make your life easier and increase the value of your home in the following five ways:

  1. Ease of operation - Typical screens are permanent fixtures. To remove a typical screen on days when screens are not needed, they have to be unscrewed, physically removed and stored. You can quickly roll up a motorized retractable screen to allow for the full flow of air exchange. This solution is excellent if you are entertaining and want to "bring the outside in" - especially for patio doors.
  2. Fresh air flow and enjoyment of the elements - There is value in a screen that rises just like the window does. This eliminates worries about losing the screen or screws. Also, it only takes 2 seconds to raise motorized roll-up screens as opposed to the several minutes or longer to physically remove and store typical screens.
  3. Create more livable space - When a motorized roll up screen is added to a garage door, the possibilities for the use of the garage space become limitless. Considering the value of residential space (currently over $100 / square foot), it makes economic sense to create more "livable" areas out of garages, porches, and lanais.
  4. Protection from harmful effects of the sun. Motorized roll up screens protects your paint, carpet, and furniture from the adverse effects of the sun with mesh that blocks up to 90% of the UV rays in our motorized roll-up screen. These solar-rated meshes are ideal for shading applications as well. Not only does this add value to your home, but it protects your health as well.
  5. Motorized roll up screens rarely has to be replaced. - Typical screens on windows and doors have to be replaced several times throughout the life of your home. Wind, weather, mold and mildew quickly cause regular window and door screens to deteriorate. Because it can "disappear" out of the way, motorized roll-up screens is subject to far less wear & tear. Their ability to self-store into its own protective housing makes it less vulnerable to harmful elements, severe weather, and dirt.

Contact Michele's Hide-Away Screens for a free quote on your very own motorized roll up screen.


5 Reasons to keep your windows open this Autumn.

It's becoming that time of year again, the temperatures are slowly dropping, and it's becoming breezier each day. There won't be sure a dire need for icy air conditioning in the upcoming months. Best way to enjoy those upcoming crisp mornings and evenings is leaving the windows open and letting that breeze on in! Not only is it calming to relax at home and listen to/feel the cool autumn breeze coming through, but it also has health and financial benefits as well! Here you'll see the top 5 reasons for keeping your windows open (with screens, of course) throughout the chillier seasons! reasons to keep your windows open in Autumn.

  1. Everyone likes saving money, right? An open window during a cool autumn evening is an excellent replacement for a power sucking a/c unit. This will ultimately lower your energy bills for the autumn and winter months. This also helps reduce your carbon footprint by not using a/c and letting your home be cooled down naturally.
  2. Breathe in that fresh air! Open windows mean fresh air circulating your home. Your lungs need fresh air, and chances are if you work in an office all day, you're not getting much of it. Closed spaces full of people moving and breathing can make a room feel stuffy, but with an open window comes a better feeling of comfort and relaxation.
  3. Detoxify your home! Circulating cool, fresh air flushes out settling the dust, pollen, dust mites, and various other allergens that can lurk in a sealed up home.
  4. No more constant whirring noises. Typically an a/c isn't too noisy, but some older models can let off a loud noise that eventually we just get used to. A house without those constant mechanical sounds makes for a more peaceful home, and gives better concentration for school work or working at home in general.
  5. Get your Vitamin D! An open window (or door, even) means letting in some sunshine as well as a cool breeze, which is as essential as fresh air in your lungs. Besides the health benefit of vitamin D, it also helps with mental health. A burst of sunshine does much more for depression than a closed up, stuffy, dark room.

Ultimately, it seems to be a great idea to keep some, if not all, of your windows, open this autumn (and winter!). As long as you have a sturdy screen to keep out any unwanted outdoor visitors such as bugs, or even birds, an open window can do wonders for your home. As always Michele's Hide-Away Screens can help you enjoy the breeze with our large selection of retractable screens! Contact our office for a free quote! 


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