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Pets and retractable screens.

Whether your fur baby is a dog, a cat, or you have both, when it comes to your retractable screen, you're sure to have questions about whether the screens are designed to fit your life. Pets and retractable screen doors.  Like human babies, our fur babies all have different personalities and curiosities, so the answer to the question of whether the screens will work with yours is - yes, with a little adjustment and a few tricks.

Cats (and some dogs) are naturally curious, and if your cat or dog is strictly an indoor animal with a desire to escape and explore the neighborhood, they will capitalize on any opportunity to maneuver their way outside. And when it comes to retractable screens, how animals will react to them and perhaps figure out a way to get through them is a concern!

When it comes to retractable screens from Michele's Hide-Away Screens and your pets, let us put your mind at ease. First, while our retractable screens are "free floating" in the bottom to facilitate the retractability, it would be difficult for most animals to get out (or in) through the bottom openings of our screens as the opening is just too small. If this is still a concern, we recommend installing something like a baby gate to insert in the door frame in front of the screen to prevent any access to the screen whatsoever.

Would my pet be able to damage the screen to the point where they could go through it? Unlikely. Michele's Hide-Away Screens utilizes SuperScreen for our retractable screen products. SuperScreen is SUPER TOUGH…3 times stronger than standard screen material that you think of on screen doors and bird cages. This extra tough material will stand up to the riggers of every day use and the curious pet who may be paying extra attention to your screen. However, in most instances we have seen, pets after a while ignore the screen and see it as nothing more than a door they cannot get by. The may spend time by it, soaking up the sun or feeling the breeze, but rarely would they attempt to get through it.

What about actually opening the screens? Our retractable screens come with magnets to keep the screen securely closed, however, if desired, optional latches are available that can secure the doors tighter.

Michele's Hideaway Screens have screen solutions for your existing lifestyle, and they provide optimum enjoyment that will enhance the lives of you and your whole family - furry and human. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.


How retractable screens are better than traditional screen doors.

Growing up many houses had a screen door to let in fresh air and keep the bugs out. How retractable screens are better than traditional screen doors. These doors were a huge blessing on hot nights and could help keep the entire house cool. Just like with everything technology improves on an already great idea and makes it better. So now we have a new and improve screen door in the form of a retractable screen.

Retractable screen doors have so many more advantages than traditional screen doors. Once you own one, you will never go back.

Retractable screens make your front door look better.
When people see your home, your front door is the first thing they notice. Why hide your beautiful front door with an ugly screen door? Retractable screens disappear when not in use and pull out when you need them, so they are never coving your front door if you don't want them to.

Just one door to open. It can get very troublesome to try to get in the front door carrying groceries, kids or anything else. Traditional screen doors make it harder because you have to hold it open while going through. Retractable screens disappear when you don't need them so they will never get in your way!

You can see out, but they can't see in. When using a retractable screen, you can see outside, but your neighbors can't see in. So you can enjoy privacy and fresh air. There is also no big metal plate on the bottom, so nothing gets in the way of bringing in the breeze.

Truly free flowing breeze. There is no grill work, kick plate, or panels preventing airflow, a retractable screen lets in more fresh air. Why let big pieces of metal get in the way of enjoying the cool breeze?

It last longer. Retractable screens are made of fabric that rolls up and stays protected in its housing off to the side of your door when not in use, which means it lasts much longer. Traditional screen doors are left out in the elements 24/7 with no protection from the sun, wind, rain, and critters. The result is that retractable screens have a much longer life!

You can watch these incredible retractable screens in action at our showroom in Ocala. Contact Michele's Hide-Away Screens for more information.


Is your retractable screen Winter ready?

No matter what state you live in, the winter months impact everything inside and outside your home, including your retractable screen. Getting you retractable garage screen ready for winter. With the winter months coming up, now is the time to prepare your retractable screen for the cold.

Here are some quick and easy steps:

Take a look around your screen and make sure it is free of debris, dust, and insects.

Use a mixture of warm water and a mild dish detergent with a soft brush to clean around the screen and the screen itself. Never use a spray like WD-40. These sprays attract more debris and interfere with the screen's normal movement. If you must use a spray, use a silicone based lubricant.

Use extra care when rolling them up and down in the winter to avoid debris and moisture build-up. Also, never lower the screen when there are wind speeds more than 15 mph. Similar to clear vinyl, mesh screens are susceptible to contracting in the cold, but not to the extent of clear vinyl screens. Leave these screens down whenever possible to avoid the build-up of moisture and mildew. Never use a power sprayer to clean and make sure the screens are thoroughly dry before rolling them back up.

Get the maximum life out of your motorized retractable screens, contact Michele's Hide-Away Screens today for a FREE quote


Florida’s Dry Season is almost here.

Many people say Florida doesn't have well defined seasons like other states, although lifetime Floridians do notice the changes. Florida's dry season. Retractable screens. What Florida does have, just like many tropical places, is a wet and dry season.

Anyone who has spent time in the Summer in Florida can tell you the heat, humidity, and severe afternoon storms can almost be unbearable. Every day from May to late September those afternoon storms come rolling in like clockwork, right around 3:00. This makes it hard to get in a nice swim, plan a trip to the beach, or theme park.

The best time to be in Florida is the dry season. This last from October to April and is the reason so many tourists come to visit and why snowbirds exist. When the dry seasons hits it is like a refreshing breath of fresh air washes over you, and outside activities are enjoyable.

The dry season is also the best time to open your windows and doors to let the crisp Autumn breeze blow in. Nothing is better than getting the stale air out and letting your house breathe. This is the time to sit outside in your screened in lanai or garage and watch the world go by.

Now is the time, if you haven't already to get a retractable screen for your front door, garage and lanai. Contact Michele's Hide-Away Screens to get the perfect screen for the season!


3 Reasons To Screen In Your Golf Cart Garage.

Central Florida is home to some of the largest retirement communities in the world. And what self-respecting retirement community doesn’t have its own golf course or two (or almost fifty … yes 50!... if you’re talking about The Villages)?

With all that golf to play and all that ground to cover, it’s no wonder that both the fairways and the roadways are abuzz with personal golf carts; so much so that special road lanes are being added just for these little buggies as they are rapidly replacing automobiles as the main source of transportation.

Along with the growing prevalence of golf carts, many homes in these communities now include dedicated mini garages which deserve the same consideration as their 2-car counterparts. So consider a few reasons why you should have a screen installed on your golf cart garage door:

1. By letting fresh air in and keeping bothersome pests out, a screen allows you to comfortably enjoy and better maintain whatever you decide to fill the space with, whether it be a golf cart, yard tools, exercise equipment or a workshop.

2. Because of the many heat sources that generate within the garage (ie: furnace, hot water heater, spare fridge, vehicle engines), along with poor insulating value and typically no air conditioning, the space can quickly turn into a pressure cooker. A screen can provide instant and significant relief.

3. An open garage door may bring unwanted attention, but a screened garage door may provide some added level of security.

Get your garage door upgraded today with a screen from Michele's Hide-Away Screens. Call now for a free quote! 


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