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Awesome floor ideas to spruce up your garage.

A garage can be turned into anything you want these days. Garage floor ideas. Who says it is just for storing your car? A garage can be used as a workshop for any hobby or as a fun place to relax and hang out. When it comes to flooring options, there are tons of ways to cover, protect, and make your garage floor look very cool!

Our garage floors take a beating from the elements and everything that is tracked in by your car and shoes. It is a good idea to add some protection, whether it be a protective coat of paint, shiny epoxy, or mats or tiles. Gone are the days of a dull gray concrete grease-stained garage floor. Depending on the look you are going for, garage flooring can be super cheap or cost a few hundred dollars.

Concrete floor paint is the least expensive option when it comes to changing the look of your garage. It is a great DIY job that only requires a few steps. Touch-ups are a breeze, keep that paint handy whenever the coating chips. If you are looking for a simple, clean, and matte finish, latex is the way to go. For a high gloss look, oil paint is the perfect match.

Epoxy paint is a great way to give your floors a unique personalized look. Choose from any color in the rainbow and even through in some glitter flakes for a dazzling finish. Epoxy is a little more involved than just painting and takes some prep work and a few layers to get in right. The results can be spectacular!

For a more natural earthy look, a concrete stain is the best choice. The dye soaks into the floor, giving it a pigmented marble look. After a few coats of stain, your floor will also need a couple of coats of urethane sealer to help protect it.

If you want to go all out and give your floor a completely new look, garage floor coverings could be your answer. They come in roll out mats and interlocking tiles. The homeowner can do most floor coverings, but it can be expensive depending on the quality of the tiles or mat. The upside is any cracks and stains are instantly hidden, and your garage is transformed into a stunning space.

No matter what you decide to do with your garage floor, Michele's Hide-A-Way Screens can help you bring in the breeze. We have a variety of gorgeous retractable screens to choose from in many different colors. Stop by our showroom or contact us today!


What to expect for Central Florida's September Weather & Climate.

Most people can't wait for the end of summer to come around because it means cooler temperatures after a blazing season! What is the weather like in Central Florida in September? The Villages.  Well for those of us in Central Florida, that isn't always the case. Thankfully though, September is the end of summer and lets us know that soon enough we can anticipate a break from the heat, but for that month, it's going to be warm and wet!

September is peak time for hurricanes in Florida's hurricane season, in fact, Hurricane Dorian just barely missed us. Back in 2017, Hurricane Irma came through all of Florida in mid-September. Yes, that's right, ALL of Florida. The storm was so massive that it covered almost the entire state at one point. The warm temperatures create prime settings for hurricanes, and being surrounded by water doesn't help either. Thankfully this year the hurricane list hasn't been too threatening as of yet.

Besides hurricanes, it can be a generally rainy month but not quite as wet as the rest of the summer months. It's projected that this September, Central Florida will see roughly 20 days of rain throughout the month. This added with the average temperature of 89.5°F makes it another humid month before fall creeps up the following month. There are small breaks in the high temp of almost 90°F when the lowest average temperature of September reaches 72.7°F. A welcome reminder of the next few months to come.

All in all, the weather in Central Florida during September can be humid, hot, and rainy. It's the tail end of summer, and although Florida doesn't get a real fall season, the end of September lets Floridians be hopeful that colder and shorter days are on the way!

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Keeping Your Patio Cool This Summer.

It can be a chore even to attempt to go outside in Central Florida during the Summer months. Keeping Your Patio Cool This Summer in Florida. The Villages This is the reason the Sunshine State has so many snowbirds who fly back north at the first sign of a heatwave. But for many of us that live here year-round, that is not an option. Staying inside all the time is no fun either, but there is a compromise, and that's enjoying your patio in the evenings.

Here are some sizzling tips to keep your patio cool this Summer:

Add a fan- whether it be a fan on a stand, a small personal fan, or a ceiling fan, you can cool the area in your patio significantly by creating your breeze. Some fans nowadays even have additional misting systems to create an even cooler almost air-conditioned effect.

Create shade- It is always cooler in the shade! If your patio is not already under a shades area, create your shade with table umbrellas or an awning system from Michele's Hide-Away Screens.

Paint it- If your patio is attracting too much heat, try painting it a lighter shade such as white, beige, or even light blue. It will not only cool it down but give it a bright and cheerful look.

Add an outdoor rug- Adding a rug to your back patio will help cool and soften the floor beneath your feet and give it a beautiful pop of color.

Get patio furniture with airflow- sitting on furniture made of lightweight mesh or wicker helps to keep the air flowing around your entire body. A personal hammock or swing is also an excellent relaxing choice.

Screen it in!- Screening in your patio makes it more enjoyable because you are bringing in the breeze but not the bugs! Screens also help protect from the Sun but not entirely so always wear sunscreen. 

Michele's Hide-Away Screens can help you get the right look for your patio. We have many screens and awnings to choose from to help you bring in the cool breeze and enjoy your patio this Summer. Contact our office today or come by and see the many options at our showroom.


Preparing Your Home Screens for a Florida Hurricane Season.

Spring has officially ended and Summer is taking over our lives for the next few months. Preparing Your Home Screens for a Florida Hurricane Season. With Summer comes some pretty intense storms, and yes, even hurricanes! And with it comes hurricane season. Meteorologists are already predicting a slightly above average amount of tropical storms and hurricanes that can come our way in the coming months.

The 2019 hurricane season officially starts on June first and last until the last day in November. However, experts are paying close attention to April and May and monitoring the weather patterns in the Southeast, Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. With warmer temperatures than usual in those areas this year, there is potential for some early storms.

The hurricane seasons are based on if we are experiencing an El Niño, La Niña, or if we are in a neutral phase. This year we are currently going through an El Niño, and it stays the same or strengthens we should have adverse or below average number of storms. If it weakens or becomes neutral the number of tropical storms and hurricanes could be higher than normal

In either scenario we should be prepared should a major storm come our way. Making sure your retractable screens are ready is one way to be prepared. The easiest way to make sure your screens are not damaged during a storm is to make sure they are retracted into their casing or as retracted as possible before the storm hits.

Click here to read more on how to prepare for hurricane season.


Can we live in peace with love bugs?

Twice a year in Florida we get to experience the "lovely" love bug season. How to get rid of love bugs. Love bug season.Generally, you have seen them flying around in a pair of two locked together. These creatures stay around us for usually four weeks in both May and September and are heavily plastered on the front of everyone's car. Let's face it, there is nothing groovy about love bug season! 

While these bugs are harmless when it comes to biting or stinging they can be quite a nuisance. Here are some things to remember about these little bugs as they begin their invasion:

Where do they come from? UF says the bugs migrated here all on their own from Central America, via Texas and Louisiana before making their way to the Sunshine State.

What attracts them? To begin with, love bugs love heat, freshly painted surfaces and surfaces that are light-colored.

 How do you combat them? UF says that chemical pesticides do little to deter these little bugs. You might try tiki torches, citronella candles or mosquito repellent but the only sure fire way of avoiding them is by being inside and away from them.

A retractable screen from Michele's Hide-Away Screens on your garage door and lanai allow you to enjoy the outside air without the "not so easy to love" bugs getting in your hair, your face and always landing on your skin.