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5 tips to bring more sunshine into your home.

Do you sometimes feel like your home is as dark as a dungeon? When you move into a home, you aren't usually looking at the number of windows or if there is a skylight. Ways to bring sunlight into your home in Florida.Realizing your home is very dark, even during the day, it can be quite depressing. Don't grab a sledgehammer to make a new window just yet. There are other ways to bring natural sunlight into a dark house.

  • Lighten up- painting the interior walls of your home light or bright colors instantly illuminates the situation making a dark situation bearable.
  • Use mirrors- mirrors can be used for all sorts of magic tricks, including making rooms have more sunlight coming in than they do. Light bounces off mirrors, bringing the sunshine in. Place mirrors opposite windows and glass doors to reflect the outside. Purchase furniture with mirrored panels or hang up mirrored artwork.
  • Ditch the heavy shades- thick curtains look great, but they also prevent sunlight from getting through, which is ideal for an afternoon nap or movie, but not every day. Consider installing electric shades that blackout the room when you want and replace the old drapes with sheer wispy curtains.
  • Buy a new front door- If you have a solid wood door, installing a front door with glass panels is an excellent way to add a window to your home instantly. There are many different varieties, and you can still enjoy your privacy with frosted glass.
  • Open your front door and garage- if it is a beautiful day, you can open your garage and front door to let in vast amounts of natural light. Installing retractable screens will make sure no unwanted critters sneak inside.

There are many ways to bring in the sunshine and brighten your home. Michele’s Hide-Away Screens can help you bring in the breeze with a retractable screen.Contact us or come by our showroom to see our amazing products in action.