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Easy Cleaning Tips for an Amazing Garage All Year Long.

In the beginning, cleaning your garage may have been a seemingly insurmountable task. If you’ve gone through the process of decluttering, organizing and establishing it as a functional part of your home, you will need to establish a cleaning routine for your garage.

Here are some tips for keeping it clean and enjoyable all year long:

1. Start with the floors - Over time, dirt and debris may begin to build up on the floor of your garage if it’s been exposed to the elements through an unscreened, often open garage door. If the debris has accumulated and caused staining, you’ll want to clean it using an outdoor oxidizing cleaner followed by a rinse, for optimal shine. If the stains are especially stubborn, a strong degreaser can be poured on the concrete and then scrubbed off using a nylon brush or pad. Using a squeegee, gather the muck into a puddle, pick it up using a dustpan and then discard it into a bucket.

2. Garage Door Maintenance - To combat and prevent rust damage caused by debris and foreign matter that sticks to the garage door, wipe the door down with a soft cloth and mild household detergent diluted with water a few times a year.

Check for bent or broken garage door components and be sure all moving parts are lubricated with a light application of household oil. Inspect the rubber sealing along the bottom of the door checking for cracks or breaks and periodically replace the gasket to insure proper sealing.

3. Maintain your motorized retractable screen - Use a mixture of warm water and a mild dish detergent with a soft brush to clean around the screen and the screen itself. Never use a silicon spray like WD-40. These sprays attract more debris and interfere with the screen’s normal movement.

Never use a power sprayer to clean and be sure the screens are fully dry before rolling them back up. If they are left rolled up, moisture and mildew can collect in the rolls and cause the teeth of the zippers to be pulled off. Also, never lower the screen when there are wind speeds in excess of 15 mph. Leave these screens down whenever possible to avoid the buildup of moisture and mildew.

For more garage and screen maintenance tips contact the team at Michele's Hide-Away Screens.