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3 Reasons To Screen In Your Golf Cart Garage.

Central Florida is home to some of the largest retirement communities in the world. And what self-respecting retirement community doesn’t have its own golf course or two (or almost fifty … yes 50!... if you’re talking about The Villages)?

With all that golf to play and all that ground to cover, it’s no wonder that both the fairways and the roadways are abuzz with personal golf carts; so much so that special road lanes are being added just for these little buggies as they are rapidly replacing automobiles as the main source of transportation.

Along with the growing prevalence of golf carts, many homes in these communities now include dedicated mini garages which deserve the same consideration as their 2-car counterparts. So consider a few reasons why you should have a screen installed on your golf cart garage door:

1. By letting fresh air in and keeping bothersome pests out, a screen allows you to comfortably enjoy and better maintain whatever you decide to fill the space with, whether it be a golf cart, yard tools, exercise equipment or a workshop.

2. Because of the many heat sources that generate within the garage (ie: furnace, hot water heater, spare fridge, vehicle engines), along with poor insulating value and typically no air conditioning, the space can quickly turn into a pressure cooker. A screen can provide instant and significant relief.

3. An open garage door may bring unwanted attention, but a screened garage door may provide some added level of security.

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