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What kind of weather can we expect for September in Central Florida?

Most people can't wait for the end of summer to come around because it means cooler temperatures after a blazing season! September weather in Central Florida. The Villages, FL. Ocala, FL
Well for those of us in Central Florida, that isn't always the case. Thankfully though, September is the end of summer and lets us know that soon enough we can anticipate a break from the heat, but for that month, it's going to be warm and wet!

September is peak time for hurricanes in Florida's hurricane season, in fact, Hurricane Dorian just barely missed us. Back in 2017, Hurricane Irma came through all of Florida in mid-September. Yes, that's right, ALL of Florida. The storm was so massive that it covered almost the entire state at one point. The warm temperatures create prime settings for hurricanes, and being surrounded by water doesn't help either. Thankfully this year the hurricane list hasn't been too threatening as of yet.

Besides hurricanes, it can be a generally rainy month but not quite as wet as the rest of the summer months. It's projected that this September, Central Florida will see roughly 20 days of rain throughout the month. This added with the average temperature of 89.5°F makes it another humid month before fall creeps up the following month. There are small breaks in the high temp of almost 90°F when the lowest average temperature of September reaches 72.7°F. A welcome reminder of the next few months to come.

All in all, the weather in Central Florida during September can be humid, hot, and rainy. It's the tail end of summer, and although Florida doesn't get a real fall season, the end of September lets Floridians be hopeful that colder and shorter days are on the way!

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