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Preparing Your Home Screens for a Florida Hurricane Season.

Spring has officially ended and Summer is taking over our lives for the next few months. Preparing Your Home Screens for a Florida Hurricane Season. With Summer comes some pretty intense storms, and yes, even hurricanes! And with it comes hurricane season. Meteorologists are already predicting a slightly above average amount of tropical storms and hurricanes that can come our way in the coming months.

The 2019 hurricane season officially starts on June first and last until the last day in November. However, experts are paying close attention to April and May and monitoring the weather patterns in the Southeast, Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. With warmer temperatures than usual in those areas this year, there is potential for some early storms.

The hurricane seasons are based on if we are experiencing an El Niño, La Niña, or if we are in a neutral phase. This year we are currently going through an El Niño, and it stays the same or strengthens we should have adverse or below average number of storms. If it weakens or becomes neutral the number of tropical storms and hurricanes could be higher than normal

In either scenario we should be prepared should a major storm come our way. Making sure your retractable screens are ready is one way to be prepared. The easiest way to make sure your screens are not damaged during a storm is to make sure they are retracted into their casing or as retracted as possible before the storm hits.

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