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Florida's Dry Season is almost here.

Many people say Florida doesn't have well defined seasons like other states, although lifetime Floridians do notice the changes. What Florida does have, just like many tropical places, is a wet and dry season.

Anyone who has spent time in the Summer in Florida can tell you the heat, humidity, and severe afternoon storms can almost be unbearable. Every day from May to late September those afternoon storms come rolling in like clockwork, right around 3:00. This makes it hard to get in a nice swim, plan a trip to the beach, or theme park.

The best time to be in Florida is the dry season. This last from October to April and is the reason so many tourists come to visit and why snowbirds exist. When the dry seasons hits, it is like a refreshing breath of fresh air washes over you, and outside activities are enjoyable.

The dry season is also the best time to open your windows and doors to let the crisp Autumn breeze blow in. Nothing is better than getting the stale air out and letting your house breathe. This is the time to sit outside in your screened in lanai or garage and watch the world go by.

Now is the time, if you haven't already to get a retractable screen for your front door, garage and lanai. Contact Michele's Hide-Away Screens to get the perfect screen for the season!