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Simple maintenance for your hide-away screens.

By: Nicole Stevens

There's nothing better than enjoying a nice breeze throughout your home on a warm summer day. Simple maintenance for your hide-away screens. In Florida, the breeze can be euphoric, but it can also bring along unwanted guests indoors if you don't have the proper screening installed. Hide-away screens are the best solution to keep the uninvited out, and the cool, fresh air coming through. These screens can last a very long time, depending on simple at home maintenance that prolongs the life of your hide-away screen. Here you will find a few helpful tips for adding a few years onto the life of the screens in your home!

  • ·When the screen is not in use, such as in the winter months, it is best to store your screens in their protective housing. This keeps the screens safe from the elements, including microscopic ones like dust and various airborne debris.
  • If unit is motorized, keep a close eye on the movement of your screen. Making sure nothing is blocking the path of the track and that it is properly lubed. Only lube the unit with a non-petroleum silicone. WD-40 IS NOT EVER RECOMMENDED.
  • Pay attention to weight bar in particular in these motorized units; if the weight bar fails to continuously drop while motor is running, stop motor right away. Return to the weight bar and physically pull it down to remove any excess slack in the screen itself.
  • Clean your screen! Just like with the motorized versions, you must pay attention to the tracks in the unit and be sure they are clear of any dirt and debris. This could cause an expensive problem down the line if not maintained frequently. The cleaning solution for the mesh of the screen should be a mixture of 1/3 cup mild liquid detergent (such as dish soap, i.e., Dawn) and 1 gallon of water. If mildew ora mold is present, add 1/3 cup of bleach to the mixture.
  • Pay attention to the weather. Such as with storing the screens when not in use for long periods of time, it's the same idea with extreme weather. In Florida, warnings of extreme weather such as hurricanes can come a couple of days in advance. This gives plenty of time to store away your screens as to not attain any damage when the storm hits.

If worse comes to worse and your screens can't be saved, there are typically manufacturers warranties on most parts, though this does not cover the costs of labor. It's much better to be safe than sorry and protect your investment to enjoy your cozy summer evenings with all the windows open, and no worry about a sudden swarm of mosquitos invading your living room.

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