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5 Reasons to Install Lifestyle Screens on Your Garage

Lifestyle garage screen Garages aren't just for storing cars and tools in anymore. By installing a Lifestyle Screen it can become much, much more. There are endless possibilities for creating any space you want for whatever you want. With the door within a door feature of Life Style screens you can have the convenience of accessing the outside with the touch of a finger. There are many ways to benefit from these incredible screens.

Here are 5 reasons to install a Lifestyle Screen on your garage:

  1. A Cool Breeze- The screen allows for large amounts of fresh air to flow in, providing the perfect place to relax and enjoy the weather.
  2. Keeps critters out- The screen is incredibly durable and keeps out harmful mosquitoes, bees, and pesky gnats and flies.
  3. Privacy- Our screens come in different colors that make it easy to see out of but hard to see into, making it ideal for privacy.
  4. Adds A Whole New Room to Your House!- Most garages are around 360 square feet and with the screen door closing it in you've just created a whole new space to workout, work on a hobby and even a game room or man/woman cave.
  5. The Door Within the Door- This unique feature on the Lifestyle Screens makes it easy to go in and out of your garage with ease.