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Turn Your Garage into Something Other Than a Parking Space.

Perhaps you long for a patio, art studio, game room, workshop, home gym or man cave?
Imagine a rec room for the kids. A wide-open area where they can build, play, draw and game until their heart’s content. This means no more Legos to pick up or having to stash game controllers before receiving company. What happens in the rec room, stays in the rec room.

You could turn your garage into a breezy, screened-in patio. Maybe a nice beach-themed sofa, a couple of chairs, a table for drinks and a colorful throw rug. Frame all of this with a couple of pretty potted trees and some ocean scented candles. You could be sipping margaritas with the wind in your hair while the bugs stay out there. Just like that, you could have a marvelous outdoor room.

How about a man-cave? With a retractable privacy screen on the garage, you could add a fridge and a recliner or two. Throw in TV, dart board, pool table, stereo system and you’d have a fantastic space.

Maybe you’ve always wanted a home gym. A garage-turned-gym is about as perfect as is gets. You’ll have a wide-open area for all your weights and equipment. Using a retractable screen, you can work out in the fresh air no matter what the weather brings.

The possibilities are endless. Think about it: art studio, writing room, home brewery, office, dance studio. What have you always wanted? It’s as simple as adding a retractable screen and making it a space to call your own.