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Maximize the Value of your Garage

Often forgotten, or written off as just a place to park your car, your garage deserves to be given another look as an untapped resource for wherever your imagination leads you. Adding a couple comfy chairs, an extra fridge and a big screen TV can get you started on your way to the man cave you’ve always wanted, while adding some utility shelves, a saw horse, work table and a bench provides you with the perfect area to work on that long neglected hobby of yours.

A weight bench, treadmill, speakers and a fan or air conditioner turns your once forgotten parking spot into a home gym.

Other practical benefits to an upgrade to your garage include reducing heat generated by the myriad of heat sources typically found in the garage: your furnace, hot water heater, appliances, golf cart, battery chargers, and of course the hot engine of a recently driven car - all of which can add up to quite a hefty energy bill.

For ideas, tips and tricks for getting the most out of your garage space, contact the professionals at Michele’s Hide-Away Screens today.