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Lanai Screens Are Awesome!

You’re sitting on your lanai, feeling the cool breeze and enjoying the sun. All of a sudden, you swat your arm. Mosquitoes! Many of us choose not to utilize our outdoor spaces due to pesky creatures. Well, with a touch of a button, all of that can disappear. Michele’s Hide-Away Screens has been providing electric roll up screens to customers since 1999. Why a roll up screen? There are many pros.

In autumn, the days are perfect for relaxing on your patio or porch. However, when the sun goes down, mosquitoes and gnats come out to play. No one likes being eaten alive! Simply roll down your screen, and continue enjoying the beautiful weather. 

During certain days, that perfect breeze hits you, but then the sun glares in your eyes! An electric roll up screen provides the comfort of the outdoors, while shielding you from the bright sun. With a motorized roll up screen, you no longer have to choose between having a screen or not. It’s the best of both worlds!