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Disappearing Screens

We refer to both our retractable and motorized roll-up screens as "disappearing" because they have the unique ability to "be there when you need it and gone when you don't". In other words, the screen mesh discreetly rolls into and out of a stylish aluminum canister that blends in with the surrounding door frame. In order to truly appreciate these wonderful products, we encourage you to see for yourself how well they work.
There are many benefits to a Michele's Hide-Away Screen over a conventional screen, such as:
  • Less Obtrusive: when not needed, our screen is almost completely out of sight and out of the way.
  • More Space Efficient: the slim profile design of our screen enables it to fit and operate in the smallest of spaces while a conventional screen needs clearance for the arc that's created when it is swung open.
  • Less Wear & Tear: because it can "disappear" out of the way, our screen is subject to far less wear & tear, while a conventional screen requires movement every time you want to pass through your doorway.
  • Greater Durability: our screen's ability to self-store into its own protective housing makes it less vulnerable to harmful elements, severe weather and dirt.
  • Better Warranty: our screen frames are protected by a manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty and our SuperScreen™ carries an unprecedented 10 year manufacturer's warranty.
With improved material technology and better building codes, today's doorways are less vulnerable to weather and annoying drafts, making storm doors somewhat obsolete. Some findings suggest that damage to door panels, door frames, door glass and finishes may result from radiant heat buildup created by storm doors.
Absolutely. Our screens are often a better alternative than the typical sliding panels which obscure views and require a significant amount of storage space when they're not in use.
Considering the value of residential space (currently over $100 / square foot), it makes economic sense to create more "livable" areas out of garages, porches and lanais.
Since basements and multi-story homes are rare in the Sunshine State, the space in the garage offers the best option for a hobby shop, exercise area, or game room, etc. Our motorized roll-up screen can instantly make the garage more comfortable, pest-free and extend seasonable use.


We can offer mesh that blocks up to 90% of the UV rays in our motorized roll-up screen. These solar-rated meshes are ideal for shading applications as well. You can choose from a variety of solar screen mesh for our motorized roll-up systems.
Retractable screens are designed primarily for ventilation and insect control. Because solar mesh has such a tight weave, air flow is too restrictive to achieve the desired ventilation.
We currently offer 10 standard powder-coated frame colors, the largest standard color palette in the industry. In addition to all of these standard colors, we currently have 188 custom colors.
We currently offer standard insect mesh in grey or charcoal, SuperScreen™ in traditional black or privacy white, and Premium Solar in Black, White, Grey, Brown, Desert Sand and Beige.
We proudly offer SuperScreen™ in every product we sell because it is three times stronger than fiberglass insect screen, offers dramatically more ventilation than solar screen and carries an unprecedented 10 year manufacturer's warranty.
We have a disappearing screen for virtually any door, window or architectural opening on your home. Our retractable system can fit an opening up to 9 ft. H x 9 ft. W while our motorized roll-up system can fit up to 16 ft. H x 22 ft. W.


Initially, for estimating purposes, we just need the basic dimensions and the shape of the opening you want to screen. To proceed with an order and ensure a perfect fit, we'll send a trained technician to take precise field measurements so that your unit can be custom built to the proper specifications.


Because of quality control and manufacturer's warranty guidelines, our disappearing screens can only be purchased on an installed basis.
Typically, our retractable systems are custom-built and installed within 2 weeks from order confirmation. Motorized roll-up systems can take 3 to 4 weeks.
The normal installation times (including customer use & care training) are as follows:
  • Single Retractable: less than 1 hour
  • Double Retractable: approximately 90 minutes
  • Motorized Roll-Up Screens: Varies from 90 minutes to 4 hours (excludes archway garage installations)

Care & Maintenance

Maintenance is usually limited to occasional cleaning and lubricating of tracks. Click here for our Care Guide.
Keep the screen mesh rolled up in its protective housing whenever the screen is not needed. Rule of thumb: when the door is closed, your screen is no longer needed.
A little liquid dish soap (ie: Dawn) mixed with warm water. If desired, some household bleach can be added.
Our screens are very tough against accidental impact. However, you should carefully examine the mesh and frame for damage. If there are folds or creases in the mesh, immediately press them out by hand. For situations that require professional service, please call our toll-free number.
With the advent of underground utilities, it’s pretty rare these days to experience an extended power outage of more than 10 minutes in most Central Florida communities . In the event there is an outage, our electric roll-up screens (E.R.U.) can be operated by simply plugging the power cord into a small “inverter”, which uses the DC current from an automotive (or golf cart) battery. This relatively inexpensive device can be purchased at many of the big box stores for $35 - $50. A portable generator can also be used.

To put it in perspective, Michele’s Hide-Away Screens has installed a few thousand E.R.U.’s over the last 15 years and have received less than 10 calls from customers were inconvenienced by an extended outage.


For complete details of our products' Manufacturer's Warranties, please contact Michele's Hide-Away Screens by clicking here.


Initially, our screens can cost more than some low to medium grade conventional screens; but considering the low wear and tear, impact-resistance, higher durability, Manufacturer's Limited Lifetime Warranty and greater curb appeal, we believe our screens offer a much greater value to your home.
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