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5 Reasons Autumn is the best time of year to bring in the breeze.

After the hottest Summer on record, it's safe to say that as Floridians, we are so glad Autumn has arrived! While people in other parts of the country seem to look forward to Spring and Summer as the best times to open up the doors and windows and bring in the breeze, we Floridians count the days when the outdoor thermometer finally stays below 85 degrees.

The days get shorter, the temperature gets milder, and the clothes get cozier, and here are 5 reasons Autumn is the best time of year to bring in the breeze:

  1. Fresh Fall Air - While fresh air may seem like the most obvious benefit of bringing in the breeze, after spending a stifling summer indoors, we may have forgotten the beauty of its simplicity. Fresh air helps us think clearer, breathe easier, reduce allergies, and improve our mood.
  2. Reduces Condensation and Mold Buildup - In addition to the sweltering heat, Florida's summer brings, humidity is a huge Summer factor. While we've kept our windows and doors closed to block out the heat and humidity, condensation can build up around windows and doors resulting in a very real risk of mildew and mold. It's time to open the windows and dry out your home and let in the Fall breeze.
  3. Reduces Your Power Bill and Lower Your Carbon Footprint - The minute you put your retractable screen to use, you've already sent your energy costs and carbon footprint in a downward motion. You'll instantly reduce the need for running your air conditioning, and in turn, reduce harmful emissions that come from your A/C's operation.
  4. Makes you Feel Better - As mentioned above, fresh air makes you feel better in a number of ways. Turning off your air conditioner and opening your windows and doors (with screens of course) clears out the stuffiness in the air and gives you a general sense of well-being and connection with your surroundings.
  5. Lets your Enjoy Your View - Regardless of what surrounds your property, a clear view of the outdoors in Autumn is a stunning sight to behold. With your retractable screen, you can enjoy this view with complete privacy and without sharing it with pesky bugs.

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