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Creative projects to repurpose your old screen door.

So, you've upgraded to a new screen door but feel bad parting with the old one. Well, the good news is there's no need to throw it out! Here are a few fun and creative ways to repurpose and get new life out of your old screen door:


Use it to turn a bookshelf into a cabinet -

Projects to Repurpose your old screen door

Take your boring bookcase and give it a facelift by adding a screen door. You can give it a distressed look to add "old time flair" or even stain it in a more classic wooden look.

Add a shelf and decorative scroll pieces - these features add both beauty and functionality as well as provide added shelf space for candles, photos or books!


Create a room divider - 

Projects to Repurpose your old screen door

By simply staining or painting the door to match your home's interior decor, you can bring your screen door inside and use it as a room divider. Add hooks or shelves for even more functionality, and you've got the perfect solution for added privacy in any room.


Organize your jewelry - 

Projects to Repurpose your old screen door

Your screen door can provide the perfect solution for organizing and displaying your jewelry. Instead of sifting through piles of necklaces and earrings to find the right matches, you'll have everything laid out in front of you to grab and wear whatever strikes your mood.