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5 Reasons to keep your windows open this Autumn.

It's becoming that time of year again, the temperatures are slowly dropping, and it's becoming breezier each day. There won't be sure a dire need for icy air conditioning in the upcoming months. Best way to enjoy those upcoming crisp mornings and evenings is leaving the windows open and letting that breeze on in! Not only is it calming to relax at home and listen to/feel the cool autumn breeze coming through, but it also has health and financial benefits as well! Here you'll see the top 5 reasons for keeping your windows open (with screens, of course) throughout the chillier seasons! reasons to keep your windows open in Autumn.

  1. Everyone likes saving money, right? An open window during a cool autumn evening is an excellent replacement for a power sucking a/c unit. This will ultimately lower your energy bills for the autumn and winter months. This also helps reduce your carbon footprint by not using a/c and letting your home be cooled down naturally.
  2. Breathe in that fresh air! Open windows mean fresh air circulating your home. Your lungs need fresh air, and chances are if you work in an office all day, you're not getting much of it. Closed spaces full of people moving and breathing can make a room feel stuffy, but with an open window comes a better feeling of comfort and relaxation.
  3. Detoxify your home! Circulating cool, fresh air flushes out settling the dust, pollen, dust mites, and various other allergens that can lurk in a sealed up home.
  4. No more constant whirring noises. Typically an a/c isn't too noisy, but some older models can let off a loud noise that eventually we just get used to. A house without those constant mechanical sounds makes for a more peaceful home, and gives better concentration for school work or working at home in general.
  5. Get your Vitamin D! An open window (or door, even) means letting in some sunshine as well as a cool breeze, which is as essential as fresh air in your lungs. Besides the health benefit of vitamin D, it also helps with mental health. A burst of sunshine does much more for depression than a closed up, stuffy, dark room.

Ultimately, it seems to be a great idea to keep some, if not all, of your windows, open this autumn (and winter!). As long as you have a sturdy screen to keep out any unwanted outdoor visitors such as bugs, or even birds, an open window can do wonders for your home. As always Michele's Hide-Away Screens can help you enjoy the breeze with our large selection of retractable screens! Contact our office for a free quote!