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What is Spring like in Central Florida?

There's an interesting quote about the weather in Florida: "there is no such thing as bad weather here, only different types of good weather". What is Spring like in Central Florida? Ocala, Florida. The Villages, FloridaIn Florida, it's common in the Springtime months to have a full week of 80's and 90's, followed by a couple days of weather in the 50's and 60's. As Floridians, we know that we could wake up "freezing" with temps in the 40's and by noon, we're putting away the sweater for flip flops.

Depending on the West's El Nino situation, Florida's wind and stormy season (beginning in the Spring) could be affected, causing the regularity of afternoon storms, almost always followed by more sunshine in our fabulous "Sunshine State."

When it comes to how this season affects your Hide-Away Screen, the Florida Spring months mean it's time to start preparing your screens for summer. With the spring and summer months, bugs increase, humidity increases, and rain increases, causing a lot of Floridians to simply keep their windows and doors closed and the outside world of fresh air – outdoors.

But if you're proud owner of a Hide-Away Screen from Michele's, Spring means the ushering in of the bug-free, rain-free fresh air your screen provides.

Spring cleaning your screen is super simple. Cleaning the mesh itself involves using a mild detergent (like dish soap) and a soft brush (nothing metallic). Then spray a grease-less silicone to the tracks for lubrication (avoid using lubricants that contain petroleum distillates or mineral spirits). And we recommend waiting for everything to dry before storing the screen back into its housing.

Once your simple "spring cleaning" is complete, grab a refreshing beverage of your choice, kick back and enjoy the pest-free fresh air. For more information and a free quote, contact the team at Michele's Hide-Away Screens.