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Spectacular DIY Garage Floor Upgrade Ideas.

When you consider flooring options for your home, your mind may conjure up images of sparkling hardwood in the dining room, romantic Spanish tile in the kitchen, or classic white sleek hexagonal tile in the bathroom. But, there's another room of your house that also needs a stylish floor: your garage! Because of the unique demands and possibilities in this often overlooked space, you want to avoid flooring materials in your garage that break or stain, but leave plenty of options for sprucing up this unsung workhorse quickly and affordably. Here are a few garage floor ideas to inspire you in your next home improvement project:

Interlocking Tiles
Made from durable, heavy-duty vinyl or rubber, these appealing, colorful squares snap together quickly to provide stability rather than sticking directly to your garage floor. Interlocking tiles are perfect for hiding cracks in a concrete floor. However, they work best when your floor is level. You can combine several different colors of these tiles to create unique patterns and borders to suit your taste.

Roll-Out Vinyl Flooring
The factors that make roll-out flooring one of the best garage flooring ideas are its ease of installation and its ability to hide a multitude of sins. Just as the name suggests, simply unroll the flooring onto your garage floor, cut off the excess, and voila! Your work is done! The downside, however, is that while it's easy to install, it isn't as simple to repair as tile flooring is and doesn't allow the creation of custom patterns.

Peel-and-Stick Tiles
Cover the surface of a level garage floor without severe cracks or height imbalances with peel-and-stick tiles. Typically made from sturdy, heavy-duty vinyl, peel and stick tiles are easy to cut and quick to install. Also, because they're interchangeable tiles, you can create custom patterns by combining different colors to suit your tastes. Be sure to first clean the floor thoroughly and let it dry before laying down your peel and stick tiles.

While most garage flooring ideas require special installations and equipment, this chore is simple enough to execute using supplies you probably already have on hand. Painting a garage floor is a highly inexpensive way to improve its look, although the task is labor intensive. Before beginning, be sure to repair any cracks with concrete filler and clean the floor thoroughly. Then prime and paint using materials designed specifically for covering floors. Paint is the least durable of all garage flooring options, and you may need to repeat the process in approximately three years.

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