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Pets and retractable screens.

Whether your fur baby is a dog, a cat, or you have both, when it comes to your retractable screen, you're sure to have questions about whether the screens are designed to fit your life. Pets and retractable screen doors.  Like human babies, our fur babies all have different personalities and curiosities, so the answer to the question of whether the screens will work with yours is - yes, with a little adjustment and a few tricks.

Cats (and some dogs) are naturally curious, and if your cat or dog is strictly an indoor animal with a desire to escape and explore the neighborhood, they will capitalize on any opportunity to maneuver their way outside. And when it comes to retractable screens, how animals will react to them and perhaps figure out a way to get through them is a concern!

When it comes to retractable screens from Michele's Hide-Away Screens and your pets, let us put your mind at ease. First, while our retractable screens are "free floating" in the bottom to facilitate the retractability, it would be difficult for most animals to get out (or in) through the bottom openings of our screens as the opening is just too small. If this is still a concern, we recommend installing something like a baby gate to insert in the door frame in front of the screen to prevent any access to the screen whatsoever.

Would my pet be able to damage the screen to the point where they could go through it? Unlikely. Michele's Hide-Away Screens utilizes SuperScreen for our retractable screen products. SuperScreen is SUPER TOUGH…3 times stronger than standard screen material that you think of on screen doors and bird cages. This extra tough material will stand up to the riggers of every day use and the curious pet who may be paying extra attention to your screen. However, in most instances we have seen, pets after a while ignore the screen and see it as nothing more than a door they cannot get by. The may spend time by it, soaking up the sun or feeling the breeze, but rarely would they attempt to get through it.

What about actually opening the screens? Our retractable screens come with magnets to keep the screen securely closed, however, if desired, optional latches are available that can secure the doors tighter.

Michele's Hideaway Screens have screen solutions for your existing lifestyle, and they provide optimum enjoyment that will enhance the lives of you and your whole family - furry and human. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.