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How to Prepare For Florida's Summertime Pests.

As all Floridians know, Summertime in Florida is a bug’s paradise. When we think of summer, we think of bugs - from flies and gnats to ants, mosquitoes and love bugs. This is the time of year when the temperature, humidity, rainstorms and bug population all seem to rise at once, so how can you be prepared?

Over the next several months there will be an increase in ants, mosquitoes, and fleas. Keep an eye on the exterior of your home: look for heavy ant trails on and around your walls, driveway, windows, privacy fence, and throughout your yard. Inside your home, ant activity will most likely be in and around your kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry room or near any other water source.

With summer rainstorms and higher temperatures, the foliage growth outside of your home may become an issue as well. As shrubbery, trees and plants grow higher and longer and begin to reach the side of your house, ants and other pests are able to use the limbs and leaves of these plants to create a bridge from the outside in. Keeping new growth trimmed and away from the exterior of your house will improve your chances of keeping these pests outside where they belong.

Outdoor lighting is another factor to keep in mind. Many insects are attracted to the standard bright white lights included in outdoor lighting, so we recommend switching to standard yellow lighting as a deterrent. Remember to keep your pet’s dishes inside and keep trash away from your house so you don't unintentionally create an inviting environment for ants, rodents, or other wildlife to be around your home. Any yard debris collected after mowing or raking should be securely bagged and removed from your property to decrease your chances of providing a harboring areas for insects.

If you’re a hideaway screen owner, check around the edges of your window sills to be sure they’re properly sealed and ready for summer months. Inspect your screen for any signs of damage or open areas that pests might use as an entry point into your home and employ use of your screen both day and night to avoid allowing any ants, fleas, mosquitoes or other pests inside while you’re enjoying the fresh summer air.

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