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How a hide-away screen can increase property rentals for snowbird season.

Hide-away screens add value and appeal to any home. Typical screens are considered part of the primary structure of a home. Hide-away screens work in the same way as regular screens in that they screen out bugs, insects, dirt, and debris. Without screens covering doors and windows, insects, flies and other pests have free access to enter the home. Mosquitoes and flies breed quickly and are a nuisance. Keeping out flies and mosquitoes was the first reason screens were added to the doors and windows of homes - and one of the best "selling points" to attract renters to your property! Retractable screens increase rental value in snowbird season.

Hide-away screens add appeal to your rental property in the following five ways:

  • Ease of operation - Typical screens are permanent fixtures. To remove a regular screen on days when screens are not needed, they have to be unscrewed, physically removed and stored. You can quickly roll up a hide-away screen to allow for the full flow of air exchange. This solution is excellent if your renters are entertaining and want to "bring the outside in" - especially for patio doors.
  • Fresh air flow and enjoyment of the elements - There is value in a screen that rises just like the window does. This eliminates worries about losing the screen or screws. Also, it only takes 2 seconds to raise a hide-away screen as opposed to the several minutes or longer to physically remove and store typical screens.
  • Create more livable space - When a hide-away screen is added to a garage door, the possibilities for the use of the garage space become limitless. Considering the value of residential space (currently over $100 / square foot), it makes economic sense to create more "livable" areas out of garages, porches, and lanais.
  • Protection from harmful effects of the sun. Hide-away screens protect your paint, carpet, and furniture from the adverse effects of the sun with mesh that blocks up to 90% of the UV rays. These solar-rated meshes are ideal for shading applications as well. Not only does this add value to your home, but it also protects your health.
  • Hide-away screens rarely have to be replaced. - Typical screens on windows and doors have to be replaced several times throughout the life of your home. The Wind, weather, mold, and mildew quickly cause typical window and door screens to deteriorate. Because it can "disappear" out of the way, hide-away screens are subject to far less wear & tear. Their ability to self-store into its protective housing makes it less vulnerable to harmful elements, severe weather, and dirt.

Consider what potential renter are thinking when they compare a home with regular fixed in place screens and one with hide-away screens. The value is clearly over and above on the hide-away screened home, as a modern convenience. Contact Michele's Hide-Away Screens for a free quote today!