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Can we live in peace with love bugs?

Twice a year in Florida we get to experience the "lovely" love bug season. How to get rid of love bugs. Love bug season.Generally, you have seen them flying around in a pair of two locked together. These creatures stay around us for usually four weeks in both May and September and are heavily plastered on the front of everyone's car. Let's face it, there is nothing groovy about love bug season! 

While these bugs are harmless when it comes to biting or stinging they can be quite a nuisance. Here are some things to remember about these little bugs as they begin their invasion:

Where do they come from? UF says the bugs migrated here all on their own from Central America, via Texas and Louisiana before making their way to the Sunshine State.

What attracts them? To begin with, love bugs love heat, freshly painted surfaces and surfaces that are light-colored.

 How do you combat them? UF says that chemical pesticides do little to deter these little bugs. You might try tiki torches, citronella candles or mosquito repellent but the only sure fire way of avoiding them is by being inside and away from them.

A retractable screen from Michele's Hide-Away Screens on your garage door and lanai allow you to enjoy the outside air without the "not so easy to love" bugs getting in your hair, your face and always landing on your skin.