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Are retractable screens just as good as regular screen doors?

Retractable screens are not just as good as regular screen doors...they’re much, much better. Especially one from Michele’s Hide-Away Screens, Central Florida’s leader in innovative screen solutions!

With so many advantages over a traditional swinging screen door, once you own a retractable screen, you’ll likely never go back.

retractable screens ocalaRetractable screens avoid DISTRACTING by RETRACTING

Your front door is the first thing anyone notices when they approach your home. So, why would you want your beautiful front door covered up with a traditional screen door? Retractable screens disappear and blend into the background while not in use, so you can have the aesthetically pleasing best of both worlds.

Never needing to open two doors as you come and go

How aggravating is it navigating through two doors while trying to carry in groceries, baby carriers, and kids? With a retractable screen that disappears, there’s one less thing in your way as you rush through your day. Go in and out in a snap and enjoy the breeze when you’re finally able to relax!

Invisible Visibility

Sure, the “invisible when not in use” aspect is one of the best things about a retractable screen. But, did you know that even when in use, your view is crystal clear through practically invisible bug screen fabric? Unlike a traditional screen door, you’ll enjoy privacy from the inside with no distracting or busy screen designs or kick plates inhibiting your view.

Truly free flowing breeze

Because there is no grill work, kick plate, or panels inhibiting airflow, a retractable screen lets you fully enjoy the free flowing breeze you’d feel as though there were nothing there at all. Why only get half the breeze on a beautiful day, when you can enjoy breathing the free flowing air through your retractable screen.

Longer Life

Because the screen fabric is rolled up and protected in its housing off to the side of your door when not in use, it lasts much longer. Unlike traditional swinging screen doors, your screen fabric is protected from permanent exposure to your kids, pets, and weather. The result? A longer lasting screen!

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