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5 Reasons to Add a Retractable Screen Door to Your Home.

retractable screen door1. Curb Appeal – Unlike traditional storm / screen doors, the extensive color choices and sleek styling of our retractable screens blend in so well, you'll hardly know it's there.

2. Fresh Air – the benefits of oxygen to the human body are countless, including better clarity, better quality of breathing, less anxiety, and removal of toxins in stagnant areas. A retractable screen door lets you breathe in the crisp fresh air from outdoors, while cleansing the air in your home through natural circulation.

3. Natural Light – Like fresh air, there is nothing man made that can beat the benefits of natural light. An instant mood lifter, a combination of fresh air and natural light can be one of the easiest ways to naturally boost energy, motivation and clarity and the natural light through a retractable screen door lets you enjoy these benefits while maintaining your privacy indoors.

4. Pest free environment – no matter what time of day it is, the spring and summer months bring with them the inevitable love bugs, mosquitoes, flies and other pests that seem to find their way into your home through any open window or door. A retractable screen door keeps the pests away, allowing you to enjoy the fresh natural air in a pest free environment.

5. Ease of Maintenance – unlike a traditional screen door, maintaining a retractable screen door is a breeze. There's no worry about rusty hinges, noisy slamming, or dust, mildew, mold and grime buildup. With a simple pull, you can easily deploy your screen across your doorway when you feel like using it, and when it's not needed, simply hide it away until next time.

Just ask any proud of owner of a Michele's Hide-Away Screen and you will soon learn what you’ve been missing without one. Contact Michele's Hide-Away Screens or call, toll-free, 877-793-MHAS (6427) today to get your new retractable screen.