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The Breezy Benefits of Cross Ventilation.

Benefits of cross ventilationIt seems Winter has decided to skip Florida this year and most of us are not complaining. Of course people are taking advantage of this incredible warm weather by opening their doors and windows and letting the warm breeze in. Bringing in the breeze also brings a lot of benefits to your health and your pocketbook. The best way to get the most out of these beautiful days is to create cross ventilation in your home.

In many cases, the air in our own homes can be more polluted than the air outside. After being sealed up for several months our homes can finally "breathe" the first time the doors and windows are opened. When the old stagnant air leaves, it takes with it the dust and pollutants floating around in it. The result is a new fresh breeze adorned with all the smells of nature and the charming warm air.

Not all homes are alike of course, and sometimes it doesn't seem like the air is coming in at all. Creating cross ventilation ensures cool air will come in and warm air will flow out. The easiest way is to open windows and doors that are directly across from one another and nature will take it's course all on it's own. The airflow will still find a way through your home even if the windows aren't opposing each other however you may want to help it along with a fan in you have one.

Of course the bigger the window or door the better breeze and cross ventilation will be. Installing screen doors for the garage and patio is the best way to allow as much air in a s possible. Michele's Hide-Away Screens offers a wide variety of screens to fit any size door or create an entire outside oasis. Your health and energy bill will benefit greatly by bringing in fresh air and allowing your home and you to breathe a little easier.