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Retractable Screens Bring Amazing Benefits!

benefits of retractable screen doorsWhen not in use, your retractable screen disappears into its housing, offering an unobstructed view of the outdoors. You’re in control with a retractable screen. You decide when you want it, simply sliding it where you want it to go and leaving it hidden from view when you choose. 

One of the many benefits you’ll enjoy with your retractable screen is the energy savings. When in use, your retractable screen can help you to reduce your electricity bill and energy use, by allowing you to bring in more fresh air from the outside on nice days, allowing you to rely less on your HVAC system for comfort. 

There’s some added health benefits to as you won’t have the stale stuffy air you would normally have within a house, but instead the fresh air of the outdoors and as well as a air circulation when there is a breeze. And if you can have screens on opposite ends of your home, you will get some awesome cross ventilation through your home.

Your retractable screens stay cleaner as well because they don’t hold on to dust, pollen or dirt while they’re retracted. Their self storage feature also eliminates the pesky task of removing your screens in the winter and pulling them back out for the spring.

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