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Keeping Your Patio Cool This Summer.

It can be a chore even to attempt to go outside in Central Florida during the Summer months. Keeping Your Patio Cool This Summer in Florida. The Villages This is the reason the Sunshine State has so many snowbirds who fly back north at the first sign of a heatwave. But for many of us that live here year-round, that is not an option. Staying inside all the time is no fun either, but there is a compromise, and that's enjoying your patio in the evenings.

Here are some sizzling tips to keep your patio cool this Summer:

Add a fan- whether it be a fan on a stand, a small personal fan, or a ceiling fan, you can cool the area in your patio significantly by creating your breeze. Some fans nowadays even have additional misting systems to create an even cooler almost air-conditioned effect.

Create shade- It is always cooler in the shade! If your patio is not already under a shades area, create your shade with table umbrellas or an awning system from Michele's Hide-Away Screens.

Paint it- If your patio is attracting too much heat, try painting it a lighter shade such as white, beige, or even light blue. It will not only cool it down but give it a bright and cheerful look.

Add an outdoor rug- Adding a rug to your back patio will help cool and soften the floor beneath your feet and give it a beautiful pop of color.

Get patio furniture with airflow- sitting on furniture made of lightweight mesh or wicker helps to keep the air flowing around your entire body. A personal hammock or swing is also an excellent relaxing choice.

Screen it in!- Screening in your patio makes it more enjoyable because you are bringing in the breeze but not the bugs! Screens also help protect from the Sun but not entirely so always wear sunscreen. 

Michele's Hide-Away Screens can help you get the right look for your patio. We have many screens and awnings to choose from to help you bring in the cool breeze and enjoy your patio this Summer. Contact our office today or come by and see the many options at our showroom.